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Video Recording & Post Production

Connect, Capture and Playback DeckLink HD Extreme 3D

"The Blackmagic Design DeckLink HD Extreme 3D is a capture card that allows you to connect, capture and playback SDI, HDMI, analog component, S-Video and composite media on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. You can use the HD Extreme 3D card with software such as Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Fusion, and ProTools. With regular 2D and 3D stereoscopic workflow support, you can use the Decklink HD Extreme 3D card for single and dual channel SDI capture and playback. Integrated into the HD Extreme 3D card are dual link 3 GB/s, SD, HDMI 1.4, and analog/composite/S-Video connections. Also integrated is support for SD, HD, 3GB/s, HD-SDI, and 2K in 4:2:2 and 4:4:4."

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Broadcast H.264 files live
ATEM Television Studio

" Introducing the world's first live production switcher that combines a professional switcher with a broadcast quality H.264 encoder! That means you get live multi-camera production and broadcast encoding for the Internet all in one unit! ATEM Television Studio is so easy to use you don't even need to be a video professional to use it! Just plug in any HDMI or SDI camera and you are live! You can even use low cost consumer HDMI HD cameras!"


World's Most Advanced
Mini Converters

Mini Converters are the world's most advanced and easy-to-use SDI converters. Built with the highest quality components and connectors, Mini Converters automatically switch between SD, HD and 3Gb/s video standards. Whether you want to convert to or from SDI, move between different SDI video formats or distribute SDI signals to multiple destinations, you get the highest quality broadcast technology in a compact and affordable design. Choose from a range of 10 models, all featuring low SDI jitter and SDI re-clocking so you can use the longest SDI cable lengths and maintain pristine quality images.

The world's first 10 bit USB 3.0 editing solution

"Simple, Sleek and Innovative Design UltraStudio Pro's innovative design looks great on your desktop while hiding the cables behind the unit. With dozens of audio and video connections built-in, you can keep your studio neat and clean! UltraStudio Pro includes audio level meters for accurate audio level calibration. UltraStudio Pro's chassis is machined from solid metal with high grip silicon feet, so it's strong enough to withstand the most harsh broadcast environments."

Video Recording for a New Age! Video Recorder

" Now you can capture analog video from VHS, Video-8, video cameras and more, direct to the H.264 file format as used by iPod™, iPhone™, Apple TV™ and YouTube™. Blackmagic Video Recorder plugs directly into your computer's USB and includes easy to use software. Get the highest quality video capture from any component video or regular video device. Blackmagic Video Recorder eliminates time consuming processing because it captures into the native file format of your mobile device. It can even copy to iTunes ready for syncing!".

XDCAM EX - New Generation HD Recording System

Sony PMW-EX30
Offering two SxS PRO memory card slots, a 3.5inch high resolution LCD screen and a wide range of analogue and digital interfaces including HD-SDI input, the PMW-EX30 has been designed to be the ideal companion to not only the existing EX line up of camcorders, but also as a low-cost HD recorder for the live event and entry-level studio market.
With the ability to dub to other HD formats such as HDV, XDCAM HD or HDCAM and with the addition of down-conversion of HD content to SD formats including DVCAM, the PMW-EX30 offers an ideal solution for those customers wanting to integrate XDCAM EX footage into a wide range of existing SD or HD tape-based or non-linear workflows.

When high quality is your
top priority

Sony DVWM2000P
Digital Betacam is in widespread use world-wide for the production of very high quality programme material. There is a substantial installed base of products and the format is readily accepted by many of the world’s most prestigious broadcasters. You can choose from a range of camcorders, studio VTRs, office players and a portable recorder for productions such as drama, natural history, arts, commercials or where you need to guarantee the best results for general TV programming.



The go-anywhere, do-anything digital videocassette recorder

Sony DSR-1500AP
Because a quick turnaround is essential in professional video production, it's important to ensure your editing equipment won't slow you down. The new DSR-1500AP DVCAM Editing Recorder from Sony offers a host of professional features and built-in flexibility.




Professional choice
without limitations.

Sony DSR1800
Reflecting market demands, employing higher standards of technology and using the experiences of the DSR-2000P, we will innovate the DSR-80P by introducing new line-ups, DSR-1800P. With all these excellence and innovations available, the DSR-1800P will be a major workforce in video production fields by satisfying those highly professionals.
The DSR-1800P provides excellent performance in an editing environment. It has a full range of analogue and digital interfaces, a responsive search dial function and many other powerful features. A key advantage is playback compatibility with DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO (25 Mb/s).

The most compact HDV capable VTR in the Sony range

Sony HVR-M15AE
Offering 2.2 million pixels per colour, HDCAM recording and switchable between multiple frame rates including 50i, 24P and 25P. Viewfinder not supplied. Sony HDCAM has become firmly established as the de-facto High Definition (HD) production format worldwide, with a unique track record for production of the highest quality programming. Much of this reputation has been built upon the HDW-F900, the world's first 24P CineAlta HD camcorder, which received a Primetime Emmy® Engineering Award in 2004.

A feature rich HDV
VTR for professionals

Sony HVR-M25AE
In addition to providing HDV1080i recording and playback, the HVR-M25AE now features the HDV native progressive format capability, which provides stunning 1080p images at 24, 25 or 30 frames per second.* Along with support for both DVCAM and DV formats, the HVR-M15AE offers users the ability to work with both standard definition and high definition content.
The HVR-M25AE is also compatible with standard size cassettes. The DigitalMaster -cassette can provide over 4 hours recording of HDV content - the ideal choice when longer recording times are required.

Studio Monitor w/HD-SDI

JVC DT-R24L4DU 24"
The JVC DT-R24L4DU 24" Studio Monitor w/HD-SDI is a 4th generation "R-Series" monitor that shares the same chassis, quality, and most of the same features of its Verite counterpart, the DT-V24G1Z. Priced for affordability, this 24" monitor combines an impressive set of professional features with its 1920 x 1200 display, including dual-link HD/SD-SDI inputs that allow use of the full 4:4:4 color space while monitoring 1080/60p video. Meanwhile, the 10-bit processing and non-glossy LCD panel combine to provide highly accurate color reproduction. This is key when grading or matching footage in critical monitoring applications such as broadcast, studio, mobile, and location work. Other professional touches are the inclusion of time code support, tally lamps, safety markers, and advanced audio level metering.

Native 1920 x 1200 IPS (In-plane Panel Switching) LCD panel offers wide viewing angle of 178°/178° with minimal color change from different viewing angles. Panel provides 1:1 monitoring of 1920 x 1080 signals while providing metering and status above or below the active picture area.

10-bit 4:4:4 video processing for superior image gradation, advanced directional interpolation in eliminating edge artifacts, and pixel-based motion adaptive de-interlacing

Highly accurate reproduction in conformity with ITU standards--a chromatic range equivalent to EBU 100% ensures color reproduction that is virtually identical to the original

Ultra-Low Latency Circuitry (< 1 frame) for lip-sync accuracy
Twelve Channel Embedded Audio Metering Display with Peak Hold viewable above or below active picture area
HD/SD SDI Embedded Time Code On-Screen Display
Ergonomic Front-Panel Precision Rotary Controls
Safe area markers compatible with different aspect ratios
16:9 / 4:3 aspect ratio switching, auto aspect selection
Two-color tally lamps
1080/24psf signal capability
Full Screen Mode for SD 4:3 signals
Versatile connectivity: HD/SD-SDI, DVI-D, audio inputs with built-in speakers, ASCII code input for Source ID, RS232C, RS485, Make/Trigger
Versatile 3-way stand included (Table top, Flush or Wall mount)
VESA-compliant design
Computer Automated Calibration Capability of Black Level, White Level, Color Temperature and Gamma for mission-critical monitor matching

Broadcast Studio Monitor

It is a professional-level studio and field monitor that offers impressive degrees of versatility and control. Dual HD/SD-SDI inputs feed HD video to a high-performance 800 x 480 LCD in a rugged metal housing. Rackmountable and capable of both AC and DC operation, the DT-V9L3DY provides a laundry list of professional functions, from waveform monitoring to image markers to focus assist and extensive audio metering. Whether you're on location or in the studio, this is one monitor you'll be glad to have at your side. Reproduce HD images, faithful to the original signals, with less than one frame of latency
AC/DC operation
Rackmountable side-by-side
Built-in waveform monitor with over-level function
Dual HD/SD SDI terminals with embedded audio
High-performance LCD panel (800 x 480)
Ultra-low latency circuitry (<1 frame)
12 audio level meters and status display (in unused section of 15:9 panel)
Time code / CRC error display
Frame and center marker
Focus Assist function
Dynamic mode for outdoor visibility
Easy-to-operate front panel controls w/knobs
Rugged metal rear cabinet with tilt stand
Built-in speaker and headphone mini-jack
2-way remote control (make/trigger, RS-232C)
Analog Closed Captioning
Quiet, fanless design

Digital Production Switcher

KayakDD 2 M/E
The Grass Valley™ KayakDD™ 2 M/E Digital Switcher is a highly affordable system designed for live production, small studios, and editing applications. It features a compact 3 RU design, fully digital 10-bit video processing, and low power consumption. The system includes a powerful mix/effects (M/E) architecture with eight high-quality keyers, eight channels of built-in digital effects, and optional chroma keying capabilities. The KayakDD system features an intuitive menu with an integrated touchscreen color display and is switchable between 525-line and 625-line formats. It also supports a range of industry-standard machine-control protocols for managing VTRs, servers, edit controllers, and other production equipment. Optional Grass Valley RAMRecorder™ software for internal clip and still storage and optional RGB color correction are also supported. The KayakDD router interfaces with the Grass Valley Jupiter™ control system, the Grass Valley Encore™ control system, and a number of third-party controllers. Key Features

Switchable between 525-line and 625-line formats

Data Video Kit

Data Video SE-500 Kit
The SE-500 is a small, analog four input switcher with a quad split preview output. It includes red, amber, and yellow tally markers to indicate the program, preview and other sources as well as the next selected effect. And there is a button that will cause the preview display to show the next selected effect.

The SE-500 Kit comes with a TLM-702 dual-monitor bank and a monitor holder that places the TLM-702 right above the switcher. It is also available as a Hand-carried Studio HS-500, perfect for mobile purposes.

Data Video Kit

Datavideo MS-900 Kit
Datavideo MS-900 is a fully integrated mobile video studio designed around the Datavideo SE-900 modular 8-channel SD switcher. The MS-900 feature set can be expanded with additional input cards and accessories when your requirements evolve.

The MS-900 accepts a mix of up to 8 SD inputs of your choice including DV, SDI, DVI, YUV and Composite Video. Standard outputs include DV, YUV, S-Video (Y/C) and Composite Video. Thanks to a built in frame synchronizer and TBC for each channel, none of the external video sources needs external genlock for flicker free switching between all 8 inputs - in any format, this allows even traditional entry level video cameras to be used.

The built in 17-inch multi image display easily pulls out on location, and provides a complete overview of all 8 input channels, as well as Preview (Next Source) and Program (Live). The screen also features tally information, where Program is highlighted in red, and Next Source marked in yellow. In addition to the multi-view display, each input card also provides a real-time live Composite Video output, irrespective of the input type.

Recording is easily done via the built in DN-500 hard drive recorder, which can record into a file format that can be edited in most popular computer based editing systems. In addition the MS-900 is also supplied with a file conversion software, allowing easy and fast conversion into additional file formats. With DN-500 you can take advantage of tapeless recording, where recording times are far longer than traditional tape, there are no drop-outs and using Datavideo's Direct to Timeline technology, you will speed up the process from recording to editing, thanks to file transfer, rather than traditional capturing. Once you have completed your recording simply eject the hard drive carrier from the DN-500, and connect it easily to your NLE system via a standard USB connector. Your recording is now immediately available as files ready for editing - it's as easy as that!

Talkback & Tally Indicator
In the production studio, good communication between the director, cameraman, lighting, sound mixing etc. is essential to produce a polished end result. The integrated ITC-100 Intercom System provides talkback for up to 8 users, with additional tally indication for each camera. The TD-1 camera tally light, also provide dual colour tally light to assist the person (the talent) in front of the camera (what camera is "Live" and what camera is "Next Source"). The director can select to talk to an individual channel or to all channels simultaneously. High signal to ratio (good quality with very little noise) and full duplex design makes the communication crisp and clear. The MS-900 system is supplied with 8 x ITC-100SL camera belt packs, each with microphone headset, on camera dual colour tally indicator and 20 meter cable.

Downstream Keying/Titling
MS-900 features also include a downstream keyer (DSK) for integration with character generator software, such as Datavideo CG-100 or CG-350 . Overlay (Keying) can be performed internally or externally. A separate Logo Display can be used independently of the DSK utilising two built in image stores with support for *.bmp image files.

Additional optional Chroma Key board can be fitted to add up to 4 channels of high quality Chroma Key. Each channel can be set independently, to produce a perfect key from any angle or camera type (perfect when you work with different types of cameras), and you can seamlessly switch from one channel to another, even without using any form of genlock. This is ideal for virtual studio or newsroom type applications.

Audio Delay & Audio Embedding
Use of digital formats like DV and SDI, often produces a delay in the video stream. To accommodate for any delay MS-900 includes an audio delay function, making it possible to synchronize video and audio together for a perfect resolute. In addition the MS-900 also features a DV and SDI audio embedder for output when recording to an external source (like DVD recorders) or streaming to the internet.


Schulze Brakel
- suppresses wind and “plop” noise
- does not alter acoustics
- for any type of microphone
- according to your own design
- in your specific colours
- with your individual logos
- flocked, single coloured, multicoloured

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