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DTR-800W Redhead

Focusable Soft Light
Aluminium housing. Anti-Scratch paint for the housing. Extra-pure polished aluminium reflector. 4-leaf barndoor. Accessory holder with heat dissipation net. Copper Lampholder. Lampsocket type R7s. Spot-flood rear knob. Power cable 3,50 m. long. In-line switch 8 Amp. 250V Yoke mount in aluminium with 16mm socket.

DTR-150 MiniRed

Soft Light
Aluminum housing. Epoxy anti-scratch red finish. Heat resistant matt black finish on the inside. Extra-pure polished aluminum reflector. Lampholder G6,35. Fixed focus. Power cable 3,00 m. long, section 3x1,5 mm2. CEI 20-22 In-line switch 8Amp 250V.

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Broadcast Lighting
ARRI studio fixtures are designed to ideally suit the special requirements of television studios. The ARRI Lighting Solutions project team have gained an international reputation for providing high concept systems to the TV and film studio market. Their services range from simple setups to complete turnkey solutions combining professional advice, product sales, installation, 3D simulations, training and after sales support. ARRI also offers effective and durable lighting equipment for reporting and ENG applications.


The ARRILITE 750 Plus and ARRILITE 2000 Plus have been completely redesigned, offering a modern take on a well established lighting concept. With improved functionality and simplified maintenance, they perfectly cater to the demanding production environ-ments of today's film and television industries. Despite being compact and lightweight, the new ARRILITEs exemplify the rugged and durable build quality for which ARRI is world-renowned.

Both lampheads feature a robust new aluminum housing that allows effective heat dissipation. At the rear of the housing is a large, heat-proof handle that facilitates easy maneuvering of the light, even when it is hot. Bulbs can be changed easily and quickly, without the need for tools of any kind.


ARRILITE 2000 Plus

One step beyond

ARRI LED Systems
Highly sophisticated luminaires and flexible modular lighting systems are the fundamental idea behind ARRI LED systems. ARRI´s LED technologies allow stunning new features and form factors that have never been possible with other illuminants.
ARRI is pleased to present a trio of advanced, LED-based lighting products – the PAX Series, the Background Lighting Module (BLM) Series and the Caster Series.

Anton Bauer

The new ULHM-LED lights are the perfect complement to the most popular on-camera light in the world, the Ultralight. Providing heat free and flicker free soft 5600K light, these LEDs are ideal for many applications, yet consume very little battery power. A 3200K filter is included with each light, allowing for quick changes to properly match color temperatures and a dimmer allows for adjustment of 0-100% with minimal color temperature change.

*Requires the UltraLight 2 base, sold separately.


Ultralight 2 camera mounted light with integral 20" PowerTap cable. Fits most one piece cameras. Comes standard with diffused glass.


Kino Flo Blanket-Lite
The Blanket-Lite 6x6 is the grande dame of Kino Flo lighting. It’s big. It’s soft. It mounts on stands but as its name implies the Blanket-Lite can hang like a curtain of light or physically wrap around corners. From ambitious production designs that fly scores of Blanket-Lites at a time, to large area soft lighting on movie sets, to key lighting in small photo studios, the Blanket-Lite 6x6 covers a lot of creative ground.
16-Lamp 6’ x 6’ fixture with frame
Fixture includes Reflector and Harness
Same fixture takes daylight and tungsten lamps
No tools required to assemble mounting frame
Mounts to two junior stands or hangs from grid
Fixture can run remote up to 75 feet (24 meters) from ballasts
HO/Std, flicker-free ballasts
Instant-on, dead quiet
Individual lamp switching - no color shift
Remote Dmx capability
Operates at 1/10th the power of conventional tungsten softlights
UL listed, CE approved


Kino Flo Mega 4 Bank DMX6' System
The popular Double portable lighting system needs no introduction. The trim profile of the fixture and light weight design makes it perfect for both soft key and fill lighting in tight locations. Features are:
The 2-Lamp Fixture
• Built-in Barndoors
• Removable Lamp Harness,
Reflector and Louver
• Twist-on, locking Center Mount
• True Match® daylight and
tungsten lamps
• HO/Standard switching
• Flicker-free, remote operation
• Instant-on, dead quiet

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